How to eliminate the second chin? Set of exercises

How to eliminate the second chin? Set of exercises

The gymnastics helps not only to strengthen body muscles, but also to put face in order. For example, carrying out special exercises, it is possible to get rid with success of wrinkles, "to pump up" cheeks, to tighten face form and even to get rid of the second chin.

To be always charming and attractive, it is regularly necessary to work on itself, being engaged in clarification and skin nourishment, carrying out simple exercises for maintenance of muscles of body in tone, using person care products – the lotions, tonics, peeling, creams, masks corresponding to type of your skin. And still for appearance faces it is useful to carry out special charging by means of which it is possible to solve a number of problems: to improve contour of lips and features, to smooth wrinkles and to take away the second chin.

There is even special direction of non-invasive lifting which is better known as face lifting or feysforming. So, to strengthen chin, in face lifting it is recommended to carry out some of very operating exercises which result from use will be noticeable in 10-14 days.

For example, take for the rule several times a day broadly to smile. For this purpose strong squeeze lips and pull in them inside, having hidden behind teeth. And then smile, as much as possible raising mouth corners up. Look at yourself in mirror: at you certain similarity of cheerful smilie has to turn out on face. At the same time you will at once feel how your muscles have strained, especially neck and chin. Be late in such situation for about 20 seconds and relax the person. Repeat smile of times 5-7. This exercise – great way for strengthening of muscles of face form and disposal of nasolabial folds. If you want to receive quicker positive result from the tightening smile, press nasolabial folds forefingers and execute exercise. At the same time you will practically at once feel how muscles in nasolabial area strain.

The good effect is reached also when performing one more exercise. For it twist lower lip outside so that on chin there were "roughnesses", and the oval has got more accurate contour. Also detain face muscles in such provision of 15-20 seconds. Then have a rest several seconds and make some more repetitions of this exercise.

Clamp lips the handle or pencil and, trying to twist as little as possible the head, write one after another all letters of the alphabet.

Sit down directly, slightly cast away the head back, lower lip close upper and bring up her as it is possible stronger up. Count to 15 and relax, then return to starting position and have a rest. Every day increase number of approaches by one, but be not overzealous. For one training carry out up to five such exercises. Slightly open mouth and extend language outside. Try to reach its tip of the nose. Also be late in such situation for about 15 seconds. Have a rest and repeat exercise two-three more times. Close mouth and press language back to the acting part of the upper sky. Check correctness of performance of exercise. If all of you have made truly, muscles of chin will be tightened up. For two-three seconds by means of language raise them and release. Repeat 5-7 times.

This exercise can be carried out in any situation: in public transport, in workplace.

Sit down at table, straighten back. Put hands in the lock and prop up them chin. Then, overcoming resistance, try to lower the lower jaw down. It is necessary to carry out this exercise not less than five times for one training. Sit down on chair, cast away the head back and, straining muscles of chin and neck, say syllable "му" and also, as long as possible pull "at-at", "au-au". Do not forget to set result by the tightening face cream which are practically in each cosmetic company, including Avon, Amway, Oriflame and many others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team