How to erase wool

How to erase wool

Woolen fabrics demand to themselves especially careful attitude. Cases when beautiful and expensive cashmere sweater, after unsuccessful washing, can decorate only doll or very small doggie are known to all of us. To avoid it, follow several simple rules when washing wool.

It is required to you

  • Brush
  • Warm water
  • Detergent for ware or soap shaving
  • Bathtub or basin
  • Towels


  1. Wash woolen things manually.
  2. Before washing brush thing to shake dust and motes.
  3. Gather in bathtub or basin (depending on the size of your thing and their quantity) warm water and dissolve in it or liquid for washing, or soap shaving from soap without dyes and fragrances. Do not use alkaline means – they will damage wool.
  4. Ship things in water. Leave at several o'clock.
  5. If you see that any dirt has not washed off, do not rub wool around spot at all. Especially fabric about fabric. It can lead to deformation and dumping of wool. Use technology of compression that the spot has better become impregnated with water with cleaner.
  6. Merge water.
  7. Include warm flowing water and carefully wash out your product. In order that it is better to rinse it, again use technology of compression. Make sure that you have washed away all detergent. The remained soap is capable to destroy fibers over time.
  8. Squeeze out product, or between two towels, or having put on one towel and having curtailed it roll. Straighten product and leave to dry on dry towel in horizontal position.
  9. After your product completely dries, once again walk on it soft brush to give to fluffiness to fibers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team