How to extend nail plate

How to extend nail plate

The necessity to extend nail plate can be caused by several reasons – your legs by nature have small length, they are small and to apply any manicure on them troublesome. Also nails can be small because of trauma or habit to bite them.

It is required to you

  • - gel or acrylic;
  • - linen, silk or fayberglass by means of which make restoration of nail plate;
  • - special form for nails;
  • - tipsa;
  • - brush;
  • - polishing tools.


1. As you will extend nail plate, depends on its state – the nail can have free tip, can be broken or otkusan, without reaching finger limits. Anyway, to increase nails, it is necessary to flood with material free edge, that is blank space between own nail and artificial plate.

2. Connect edges of artificial nail to natural. Substitute form under finger, from above apply artificial plate and define gap between tips of the increased nails and the natural basis. The opening in the form of smile will also be the form necessary for lengthening.

3. Disguise natural nail plate. To hide the line of transition of natural nail to artificial cloth, it is necessary to fill plate with opaque material. Mix several medicines for modeling and, having received structure of right color, apply it on nail. The same material close space of "smile", and cover artificial cloth with transparent gel.

4. The second option of modeling – simple accumulation of missing length of nail on the basis of form. Difference in length of nail plate which edges should be processed brush, creating the new line. Modeling of plate on all length is carried out already over restoration.

5. Extend nail by means of tips. Choose tips necessary form, apply it to nail, cut off to the necessary length and paste on glue or acrylic. From above cover design with the transparent modeling material.

6. Zapilite surface. To make even places of transition of natural nail plate to artificial, process the surface of nail nail file. At first correct nail length, zapilivy edges, and then you pass to surface, equalizing thickness. Zapila surfaces are made from sides, parallel to cuticle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team