How to fight against rare hair

How to fight against rare hair

Rare hair are widespread problem: even if by nature head of hear dense and healthy, because of the wrong leaving, regular coloring and chemical waves the hair can become limp, lifeless and rare. Fortunately, problem reparable.

Features of leaving

The hair loss is the result of weakening of hair bulbs resulting from short-reception of nutrients and oxygen. Therefore "treatment" of rare hair is in saturating them with valuable elements. First of all the head of hear needs to be fed with vitamins of groups B, F, E, copper, chrome, iodine, calcium, silicon, zinc (these components – food basis for hair: they strengthen head of hear, protect, prevent loss, etc.).

It is recommended to stop the choice on vitamin complex with the high content of B8 vitamin, this element helps to prevent baldness. Also it is necessary to revise the menu, having enriched it with cauliflower, beef liver, honey, nuts, eggs, beans, seafood, etc.

Also regular massage is important. It represents slight circular motions by ten fingers of hands in the direction of growth of hair (from forehead to nape, from the top extensively, from darkness to auricle, etc.). It is possible to do this massage, for example, in 5-7 minutes prior to washing of the head: such procedure will strengthen blood circulation, will accelerate receiving process by hair follicles of nutrients and will stimulate their growth.

Recommend to wash hair with the boiled water cooled up to the comfortable temperature. At the same time it is important to pick up shampoo correctly: it means for care for head of hear has to correspond to type of hair and have the effect stimulating growth. It is better to dry hair in the natural way.

House masks for rare hair

At "treatment" of rare hair recommend to apply regularly on them the masks stimulating growth of head of hear. Recipe of one of them such: - 20 ml of oil of grape seeds; - 3 drops of aromatic oil of lavender; - 2 drops of cedar essential oil. Fragrant oily mix is applied on roots of hair (well rubbing in head skin) and on locks. Cover from above the head with plastic bag, turn in terry towel and leave for 28-30 minutes. Later wash away water of room temperature with shampoo. This cosmetic mix remarkably humidifies head of hear, stimulates growth of hair and strengthens them. Hair bulbs the pepper cosmetic mix consisting of such components will help to wake: - 2 yolks of eggs; - 1 tablespoons of oil of calendula; - 3 Ayevita capsules; - 2-2.5 tablespoons of the leaf of aloe crushed in gruel; - 1 tablespoons of pepper tincture. The cosmetic weight prepared from these ingredients is applied on roots of hair, gently massing, and distribute on locks. Put on the head rubber hat, and from above woolen. In 15-18 minutes wash away mix warm water.

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