How to fix nose without operation

How to fix nose without operation

Irregular shape of nose brings to some people a lot of chagrin. It is not pleasant to someone that nose too big, someone dreams of small hump, and someone wants to raise nose tip a little. Radical way – surgery, however not all are capable of it to be solved: terribly, not really cheap there are also contraindications. Whether it is possible to fix nose without operation?

It is required to you

  • tone means of dark and light shade.


1. Choose beauty shop about which there are positive reviews. Learn whether apply in it modern medicines, such as Restiline, Botox, Radiesse. They allow to change shape of nose without surgical intervention. Several injections and the patient admire the reflection. Pricks allow to make nose pryamy, to make even the bothered small hump, to make nose a little hitched up and so on.

2. Surely ask to take samples on anastetik which is used for anesthesia. Be not afraid - the procedure is painless and takes not enough time as it is not necessary to do cuts and to impose seams. It is injected after putting cream-anesthetic, and the procedure lasts about twenty minutes. In a day you will be able to return to usual rhythm of life.

3. If cardinal correction of nose, then this method to you is necessary for you will not approach. By means of pricks it is impossible to change cardinally nose, to extend or truncate it. However small problems are fixed very easily. Consult with the cosmetologist to find out your chances.

4. Be adjusted on result and be not afraid. Before visit of salon wash up the head and carefully clean face from cosmetics. During the procedure relax and try to think of good. Be ready that the result from the procedure keeps no more than one year then repeated introduction of medicines will be required.

5. If you are afraid of surgical intervention and pricks, then there is one: to adjust the appearance, having resorted to services of the professional stylist. The correct make-up is capable to work wonders. Find the professional who will help you with it.

6. If you have too wide nose, it can be made visually narrower. It is necessary to apply on its back and on area of nose bridge the masking means of light shade. Nose wings at the same time are darkened dark foundation.

7. In case you consider the nose too long it is necessary to truncate visually. It can be done, having applied light tone which softly passes into dark on nose bridge, extending to the tip. Visually the magnificent bang will help to reduce nose.

8. That the nose was not evident, it is possible to draw attention to other part of the face, for example, to shade eyes and lips. Do not go too far in cosmetics – it has to be pleasing to the eye, but not cause fright.

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