How to fix shoulders

How to fix shoulders

of us are engaged at sedentary, motionless work, violation of bearing, curvature of shoulders and backbone becomes result of it. If you feel that it has occurred, then you need to attend as soon as possible to correction of bearing and, fortunately, it is quite possible. The correct position of backbone and shoulders – result of regular exercises which have been specially developed to recover them health.


  1. Get up directly, legs together, lower hands down and press to sides, straighten shoulders, straighten back. Raise hands up, you hold them in parallel each other. Bend hands in elbows and touch by palms shovels, try to lower hands as low as possible, at the same time you hold backbone directly. Conduct hands along shovels slowly that muscles have well stretched. You breathe exactly and deeply. Then again raise hands up. Execute this exercise of 10 times, then make it separately for each hand.
  2. Get up directly, legs together, back direct, shoulders are straightened. Raise hands sideways parallel to floor at the level of shoulders, count to ten and release hands. Repeat exercise of 10 times, then as much time make it, having put hands on shoulders and holding forearms parallel to floor. Shovels at the same time have to be almost cramped with each other.
  3. Standing directly, extend hands sideways parallel to floor. Bend hands in elbows, extend one hand at right angle up, the second – down. Change the direction of hands, holding back and neck of straight line.
  4. For performance of the following exercise you will need direct stick about 1 meter long. Get up directly and take it hands behind the back, having bent them in elbows. Record hands and shoulders in such situation. The longer you will be in it, the better. Ideally, this exercise needs to be carried out 20-30 minutes, it is possible sitting in front of the TV.
  5. Get up directly, put legs on width of shoulders, hands on each side. With circular motions rotate hands in shoulder joints at first clockwise, then - against. Such movements make on 30 times in one and other party.
  6. That all these exercises were effective, you need to watch constantly the bearing, hold the head directly, neck – slightly taken away back, shovels – reduced. As soon as there is opportunity – train. For this purpose get up to wall, nestle on it heels, buttocks, the plane of shovels and nape. Having stood, you depart from wall and try to keep correct posture further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team