How to fix the pulled-in nipples

How to fix the pulled-in nipples

Approximately every tenth woman has the breast nipples which are pulled in inside. It does not bring any unpleasant feelings, but causes inconveniences when feeding by breast. And many such women have psychological discomfort connected with such non-standard form. There are several ways which will help to get rid of this problem

It is required to you

  • - milk pump,
  • - special cap - aspirator.


1. The sparing method, and most acceptable in house you usloviyakhvozmit one breast in the left hand. Hands and breast have to be clean not to bring infection.

2. Clasp big and index with fingers of the right hand aura around nipple and slightly press down. The nipple has to seem outside. It can not leave during several procedures, later it will surely seem.

3. Mass nipples the fraying movements big and index fingers of the right hand and delay nipple outside within one minute.

4. Squeeze nipple vertically thumbs of both hands. In second squeeze the same nipple horizontally.

5. Alternate steps 3 and 4, having repeated each step on 5-6 times on each breast. Repeat this method of 6-8 times a day. The result can appear only in week or two, depending on intensity of massage and shape of nipple.

6. Use of milk pump. Put on milk pump breast.

7. Create vacuum around nipple, imitating milk suction by means of pressing of the corresponding button in electric milk pump or squeezing special rubber pear at mechanical milk pump option.

8. Clamp hose of giving of milk.

9. Keep breast in such state about 20-30 minutes. Repeat 3-5 times a day.

10. Use of special cap - aspiratoranadenta densely cap aspirator on breast aura so that the nipple could leave in the special camera.

11. Create vacuum in cap. The nipple has to leave if at the first procedure it not completely left, then it will occur at the subsequent procedures. Pressure of vacuum can be a little unpleasant and painful.

12. Fix cap by plaster on breast. It is necessary to carry it 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a day. Before each procedure it is necessary to rub off breast the towel moistened in warm water. Hands need to be washed up with soap. At emergence of cracks, irritations or inflammations, nipples to grease after each procedure with tetracycline, oxolinic ointments or Bepanten cream. Alcohol and iodine cannot be applied to these purposes, they can put chemical burn to gentle skin.

13. In particularly complex cases it is possible to correct shape of nipples in the surgical way by means of plastic surgery. But it is possible only during the period before pregnancy.

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