How to force itself not to eat some sweet

How to force itself not to eat some sweet

Sweets are weaknesses of many women., It seems, also you know that the figure should be protected, and on the other hand there is a wish to give itself pleasure, having eaten two-three of chocolates. How to get it together and to show will power on exception of food allowance of appetizing sweet delicacies - some recommendations will help.


  1. You are horrified by the stout women from the USA who are greedy eating hamburgers and not getting already into clothing size of XXXL? Then print out the photo of the most picturesque housewife rather or cut out from the magazine of the people who have strongly got fat and hang up photo on the foreground, i.e. on the fridge and on locker with sweets. The reason will prevail over sweet temptation, and you will not gain excess calories in day. By the way, one chocolate contains from 300 kcal that equals to plate of fresh salad with piece of boiled fish, i.e., having eaten candy, you lose dinner.
  2. Eat more proteinaceous food. Protein rather nourishing product therefore desire to have a bite something tasty at you will not arise. If there is a wish for some sweet in unbearable, then diversify with dried fruits and pieces of fresh fruit the having a snack which there have to be not less than three-four in day. Drink glass of milk with several pieces of dried apricots or prunes, eat granular cottage cheese together with handful of nutlets – so you combine business with pleasure with the minimum damage to figure.
  3. Do not buy in shop of sweet. For this purpose take so much money how many it is required on purchase of the main products. Always you come full to shop to avoid rash purchases. Do not detain look on prikassovy zone where various chocolates, chewing gum and candies are on sale. Abstract, provide as you will prepare tasty fish with garnish according to the new recipe of house as register to the gym, and, after all, you will get distinguished figure of the model.
  4. Drink more water. Nutritionists have proved that if to drink the put standard daily rate of drinking water (2.5-3 liters), then the need for sweet having a snack will disappear as water has property of saturation, and, so the feeling of hunger will disturb you less often!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team