How to gain 5 kg in week

How to gain 5 kg in week

Now it is very fashionable to grow thin. But sometimes there is need to gain weight. Simple desire to gain curvy shapes, and testimonies of the doctor can become the reason of it both. To gain weight, it is not necessary much at all and often is. There is special diet allowing to recover on 5 kg in week.


1. The breakfast needs to be begun with glass of fruit juice. Then eat large portion of oat flakes. Cook them as follows: wet in milk in advance. After they inflate, fill them with grated apple, nuts and honey. Finish the breakfast two, and it is even better three cups of hot cocoa. Drink it together with big sandwich from white loaf with oil.

2. Surely there has to be the second breakfast. You carry out it after the first breakfast in 2-3 hours. It is possible to choose any of two offered options. The first option includes hot broth with yolk and glass of fresh fruit juice. The second option: Big sausage sandwich, glass with yogurt of the most high fat content and to crown it all chocolate.

3. Lunch. Make vegetable salad which plentifully dress with high-calorific sour cream or mayonnaise. Besides cook vegetables soup on strong chicken broth. On the second surely eat meat with garnish from mashed potatoes or pasta. Best of all pork will approach. If you do not want the offered garnishes, and will wish to eat rice, then surely flavor it with creamy or sour cream sauce. Have coffee surely with cream. And for dessert eat couple of fruit.

4. In 3 hours after lunch arrange yourself afternoon snack. Also there are several options of food. The first option includes the meat or chicken salad dressed with high-calorific mayonnaise, big sausage or oil sandwich, chocolate. The second option: meat pies or with mushrooms, mug of hot tea with honey. Tea can be replaced with hot chocolate.

5. For dinner make to yourself fried eggs of three eggs, fry potatoes. Eat its large portion, make sausage sandwich. Finish meal of two glasses of fat milk.

6. Before going to bed eat apple and drink glass of warm milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team