How to gain weight

How to gain weight

Fitness clubs, millions of diets, services of psychologists, medications, esthetic surgery today entirely to services of the people dreaming to lose excess weight. But except those who have obesity there are also those who suffer from deficiency of body weight. The lack of weight is direct health hazard, and for women – also infertility. How to gain missing kilograms?


  1. DietaSyadte on diet. Eat not less than 5-6 times a day, without allowing emergence of feeling of hunger and giving preference to proteinaceous and carbohydrate food. Gradually increase portions of food.
  2. BelkiTshchatelno plan the daily menu. It is very important that half of diet was made by proteinaceous food: low-fat meat, bird, eggs. Drink fat fermented milk products, daily eat cottage cheese. All this will help to build muscles quicker.
  3. Carbohydrates Safely use white loaf, paste with various sauces, potato, natural honey and sweets. Drink more often, giving preference to such drinks as tea with whole milk, milkshakes, nectars and juice with pulp, coffee with sugar and cream.
  4. Forget ZhiryNe also about fats. Fill salads with olive oil (by the way, in it there is a lot of vitamin E called beauty vitamin), sesame or mustard. And here to you it is not necessary to lean on fat and fried pork ribs nevertheless. Regret the vessels and liver.
  5. Physical nagruzkiotpravlyaytes in gym. Nobody wants the calories received at the strengthened food to be laid off by ugly hillocks of fat on stomach, buttocks, hands and hips. And, so it is necessary to turn them into beautiful elastic and elastic muscles. Be engaged on power simulators, carry out various presses, attacks and moves, squeezing. Pay attention to the exercise bike, the rowing exercise machine, the stepper. Swim more often.
  6. Schedule to dnyaotreguliruyta the mode. Define time when you eat food when you work when you have a rest when you sleep (on dream not less than 8 hours a day have to be allotted). The organism will be grateful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team