How to gather in stomach after the delivery in house conditions for short term

Desire to gather in stomach after the delivery in house conditions for short term arises at many young mothers who have gained excess weight during pregnancy. Fortunately, to make it it is real, but it is necessary to stock up with patience and every day to aim at achievement of goal.


1. To gather in stomach after the delivery in house conditions for short term, adjust your daily diet. Often during pregnancy of the woman consume in 1.5, and even is twice more than products, experiencing bigger hunger. Besides, considerable part of nutrients left on development of the baby in womb earlier. Unfortunately, it leads to expansion of walls of stomach and also emergence of habit to eat more and more often. How to change the mode which has developed in 9 months?

2. Show patience and realize that you do not need the strengthened food any more. To construct optimum diet, be weighed and estimate the figure. If you have gained from 5 kg and above, pass to food in the frequent, but small portions: 4-5 times a day. It will help to gather in quickly stomach as the organism will begin to burn surplus of fatty tissue. The diet has to be mostly proteinaceous: low-fat grades of meat, egg, porridge, easy dairy and fermented milk products. In addition, such food will better stimulate formation of breast milk.

3. Refuse fat, fried, too sweet and just junk food. Be ready that without habitual amount of fats and carbohydrates you will feel more often fatigue and lack of energy. Actually usually it is the sign to the fact that the organism soon will begin to take away it from the stocks, that is fat deposits. Besides, it is important to observe the correct day regimen: to sleep within 8-9 hours, to try to walk more in the fresh air and to avoid any stresses and differences of mood.

4. It is actually impossible to gather in stomach after the delivery in house conditions for short term without physical activities. It is possible to begin them in 2-3 weeks after the delivery if condition of young mother stable, and there are no contraindications of doctors. Of course, occupations have to begin with gradual increase in loading. First of all it is fight against habits to lie and sit more which could develop during pregnancy: move more and more often. Every morning it is desirable to begin with charging, making set of exercises from moves extremities, inclinations and turns of body in the parties and around and also jumps on the place.

5. Focus on strengthening of muscles of stomach to remove fat and noticeable extensions on skin. There is large number of exercises on press which can be learned practically on any sports website. The most known – raising of the body from prone position on spin and on one side and also raising of legs up, holding hands crossbeam. Every day increase the number of approaches and repetitions in them. As soon as you feel that similar loadings become insufficiently, it is possible to register in gym and to add exercise for other groups of muscles: spins, legs and hands which too quite often suffer from surplus of fat. Morning jogs and occupations swimming will become also very useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team