How to gather in stomach in 1 day

How to gather in stomach in 1 day

Summer – time to wear the bathing suits, short tops opened and fitting dresses. But sometimes the acting stomach spoils all look. Constantly it is impossible to go with the pulled-in stomach. But, fortunately, there are ways allowing to get rid of stomach in 1 day.

In what cases it is possible to gather in stomach quickly

Not always extra kilos are the reason of the speaker of stomach. Certainly, if the woman weighs about 100 kg, her stomach, most likely, will be big: under it there is fat layer. It is possible to get rid of such stomach only at the general loss of weight and recovery of elasticity of skin and muscles.

But happens and so that weight only slightly exceeds norm, and the stomach all the same considerably sticks out. Often it happens because of weakness of muscles of anterior abdominal wall (press) and also improper feeding. It is not about the excess caloric content of food, and about the use of so-called gas-forming products which cause swelling of intestines and visually increase stomach. The press for short period cannot be pumped up, and the dragging-away linen and corsets approach not under any clothes. In that case the special diet is just the fact that it is necessary to gather in stomach in day.

What to do quickly to gather in stomach

So, if in stock there are two nights and day between them – it is very good. Since evening the preparation which essence consists in refusal of food in 3-4 hours prior to dream, and intake of light vegetable laxative begins. It is better if it is safe laxative on the basis of dried fruits and extract of Senna which is on sale in drugstore without recipe of the doctor. Then the whole day proceeds diet – 5 meals every 2-3 hour, the last from them – in 3 hours prior to dream. For the night, for fixing of effect, one more portion of the same laxative. And it is possible to admire the stomach in the morning: it will be almost imperceptible.

Diet for fast weight loss of stomach

It is necessary to begin with the choice of the of "dietary dishes" which should eat during the day. It is desirable to prepare them in advance and to distribute on 5 receptions: each meal will consist of liquid (up to 1 glass on 1 reception) and small amount of proteinaceous food (volume – about half of palm). What is possible from liquids? Tea, coffee (without sugar), low-fat meat or chicken broths, vegetable broths, tomato juice, the fat-free kefir. From proteinaceous products egg, skim cheese, the fat-free meat or fish, chicken breast is possible (certainly, it is impossible to fry anything – only to boil or bake without oil). It is possible to combine on the discretion, but it is worth to remember about logic: for example, cottage cheese is better to wash down with kefir, and piece of fish – tomato juice, and not vice versa. In intervals between meals it is necessary to drink clear water. You should not use any vegetables, fruit and bread, otherwise fermentation and the increased gas generation in intestines is guaranteed. If dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir) cause the same problems, they should be excluded too. If nevertheless there are doubts concerning whether it is possible to gather in stomach in day, it is worth testing this technique surely. The one-day diet is transferred easily, does not demand special preparation, expenses of forces and time, and, above all does not damage health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team