How to gather in the lower stomach

How to gather in the lower stomach

If you have wanted to have flat tummy, be adjusted on persistent fight against superfluous deposits. Especially if you are disturbed by that part which is located below navel. Here it is important to attack this problem from all directions, not to allow to relax to either tummy, or your consciousness. The most effective way of fight will be combination of massage, water procedures, physical exercises and healthy nutrition.


1. Massage is effective any: the general, honey, anti-cellulite. Everything that will please you and on money. It is also possible to carry out massage to house conditions by just circular grinding of stomach dry brush or massage mitten.

2. Among water procedures it is especially necessary to mark out dos Sharco and swimming. And it is necessary to float correctly that load of muscles was felt. Though it not direct impact on muscles of the lower stomach, but good load of organism for weight reduction in general (and without it to us not to cope with the lower tummy). Besides, there is load of backbone – his muscles become stronger therefore blood circulation improves, all internals for their correct work are supplied with oxygen. Deposits on stomach, including, are result of misoperation of any body (or their sets). It is also necessary to adjust organism metabolism. At the correct functioning of digestive tract you will be able not only quicker to solve the available problems with stomach bottom, but also to keep the achieved results for long time. For this purpose, besides inclusion in food of fermented milk products (in the absence of allergy to them), it is necessary to do various baths: with coniferous extract, with lime color, bathtubs from bran, turpentine bathtubs, mustard bathtubs, bathtubs with honey and milk, with salt and soda, with black tea. Baths should be done every day different lasting 10-15 minutes. At the same time it is not necessary to eat before and after them within hour. And it is the best of all to transude after bathtub under blanket. Besides effect of combustion of fat of bath will make positive impact on skin. And if your lower tummy has flabby appearance, then baths will help to tighten skin and to make it elastic.

3. Certainly, physical exercises – inflating of press will be necessary for your tummy. Exercises can be recommended the following: 1. To lay down on back. To put hands under buttocks. To extend legs. On exhalation to raise legs by 10 cm from floor to extend socks and to carry out exercise "scissors". To lower legs. To inhale. To repeat 10-15 time.2. On exhalation to draw direct legs in figure air. To repeat 10-15 time.3. To lay down on back. To put hands for the head. To bend legs in knees. On exhalation to tighten knees to stomach. On breath to lower legs without getting floor. To repeat 30-40 time.4. To lay down on back. To put hands along trunk. To lift straight lines at an angle of 90 lakes. On exhalation to lower direct legs serially to the right and to the left. To repeat 10-15 times in each party.5. To lean on elbows. The legs straightened. On exhalation to tighten knees to stomach and to lower the straightened legs. To carry out slowly 10-15 times. All exercises have to be carried out slowly, observing the correct breath (it has to be equal, quiet).

4. Also do not forget to support all your works with healthy nutrition! It is not obligatory to keep the rigid diet provided that your loadings are sufficient for organism. And it is impossible to starve at all! Just try to eat less than fat and high-calorific dishes (and it is better to exclude them) and not to overeat. The healthy nutrition also means consumption of food daily at the same time. Do not eat food after six in the evening, or eat something easy, for example, glass of kefir or apple. And if you implement the provided recommendations in complex and regularly at least within 2 weeks, the result will please you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team