How to get into condition breast after feeding

How to get into condition breast after feeding

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding leave the indelible mark on shape of breast and figure in general. When the child ceases to eat mother's milk, women with grief remember the former appeal. But it is quite possible to return everything on the places.

1. Buy comfortable and correct bra. Better if it is the special cotton bodice without stones intended for feeding. Pick up cups which will well fit breast, but not to squeeze at all.

2. Use the special feeding and moisturizing creams for decollete zone. You apply cream after shower several times a week. Combine this procedure with massage of breast. Serially mass the left and right mammary glands the hand opposite to nipple. Movements have to be smooth, stroking. Do not squeeze breast.

3. Train breast muscles by means of certain set of exercises. They strengthen blood circulation in fabrics, tone up muscles of mammary glands. At first well warm body grinding and circular motions back and forth.

4. Get up directly and you hold exactly back. Establish legs on width of shoulders. Put hands before yourself, having developed palms to each other. Direct fingers up, and hold elbows at the level of breast. Two times strongly squeeze palms, then turn fingers on yourself and once again with big effort squeeze hands. Relax muscles and come back to starting position. Repeat exercise 5-10 times.

5. Raise hands to shoulder height. Straighten back, bend hands in elbows and link fingers in the lock. With force you part hands in the parties, without unclenching at the same time fingers. Execute 10-12 breakthroughs.

6. Get up directly and straighten shoulders. Lower corners of lips as low as possible. If you do correctly, then in face, necks and breasts you will feel tight muscles. When it occurs, lower shoulders. On neck veins have to act.

7. Be regularly wrung out. Go down on all fours. Place hands a little more widely than shoulders and straighten legs. Thus, on palms and toes you will keep body weight. You hold back exactly and pull in stomach. Control that the back and the head were on one line. So do not lower and do not throw back the head. Part elbows in the parties, during squeezing touch by breast floor. Bending elbows, take breath, straightening – exhalation. Begin occupations with five squeezing a day. Over time increase their quantity up to 20.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team