How to get rid forever of face hair

How to get rid forever of face hair

If for men the beard can become style subject, and vegetation on face is not considered something shameful, then for the woman face hair is big problem of which in every way try to get rid. It is not so difficult to depilate face if know what techniques to use.

It is required to you

  • - tweezers, tweezers;
  • - laser epilation;
  • - wax;
  • - electrolysis;
  • - gonochoristic nettle and sunflower oil


1. The expensive, but having big efficiency procedure – laser epilation. Several sessions of laser epilation can forever save you from undesirable vegetation on face. Minus this procedure – in its high cost and also that there is certain risk that hair will appear again after a while.

2. If you want to get rid of rare hairs, use the checked method which you use, adjusting eyebrows – pull out hairs tweezers or tweezers. This method differs in morbidity, but depilates qualitatively and for a long time and also does not demand additional financial expenses.

3. Also you can depilate by means of wax – despite obvious morbidity, this method is rather effective too.

4. One more simple and effective method of disposal of hair – their decolorization. Part in water 50% hydrogen peroxide, moisten in it cotton tampon and wipe hair which you want to decolour. If to repeat the procedure often, hair will begin to become thinner, break and disappear absolutely.

5. Besides, for removal of separate hairs on face you can use the procedure of electrolysis which influence of current destroys hair bulbs in cosmetology salons.

6. In face it is possible to depilate by means of ultrasonic epilation which is carried out in two steps – after waxing the gel getting into skin is applied to skin, and then leather is processed by ultrasound which destroys hair.

7. The photoepilation, unlike ultrasonic, works differently – the hair collapses, thanks to powerful light radiation. This expensive, but safe method, is also not suitable for very fair hair. Using photoepilation, for several procedures you can get rid of face hair for many years.

8. It is possible to depilate face and by means of folk remedies. Pound 40 g of seeds of gonochoristic nettle and draw them in 100 g of sunflower oil two months. Rub with the turned-out oil infusion those places which need to be saved from hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team