How to get rid of back spots

How to get rid of back spots

Back spots usually develop at owners of problem skin. Such pimples give a lot of inconvenience, often experiences. Meet at men more often than at women. Basic reasons of emergence: problems of endocrine system, allergy, close clothes and others.

It is required to you

  • - potassium permanganate
  • - nettle
  • - calendula flowers
  • - tea tree oil
  • - camomile decoction, sage, calendula


1. To get rid of such heat-spots very difficult if the reason is global. It is necessary to address the expert, to make tests, to make inspections of internals. Independently fight against illness also should not stop.

2. Surely reconsider food and way of life. Exclude the fried spicy food, alcohol, excessive smoked products from food. Use fresh crude vegetables more. Food has to be not less than 4 times a day. Sandwiches replace having a snack with fruit. The healthy lifestyle consists first of all in refusal of addictions, good night rest (not less than 7 hours), daily walks.

3. In the morning and process the struck surface of back and shoulders potassium permanganate in the evening. Do not do solution too concentrated. It will dry already developed heat-spots, will accelerate healing, interfering with emergence of the new centers. Processing has to be regular, otherwise not receive desired result. In month the quantity of heat-spots, will decline, strong inflamed will decrease.

4. The urticaceous bathtub is several times a week recommended. Make nettle in pan with the boiling water, it is possible to add several pieces of flowers of calendula. Filter broth and pour out in bathtub. Take bath of 15 minutes.

5. After acceptance of bathtub tea tree oil process each heat-spot. Tea tree – the fine natural antiseptic agent, is long since recognized as good means for prevention and treatment of acne rash. After processing by oil wait several minutes, let's oil be absorbed, only then put on. Otherwise, not to avoid fat spots on clothes.

6. Choose clothes from natural fabrics, for example cotton, linen. For treatment it is recommended not to wear close clothes not to injure the damaged sites it is even more.

7. Prepare plain tonic-broth from camomile, sage, calendula. In the flying irreplaceable thing. During heat you can always wipe with this tonic face, neck, carefully shoulders and back, thereby you disinfect the struck places, plus instantly freshen up!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team