How to get rid of black dots on face folk remedies

How to get rid of black dots on face folk remedies

Comedones (so-called black dots) are formed owing to oxidation of fat which fills time on face. Dirt, dust and low-quality cosmetics, hormonal violations and the wrong skin care aggravate problem, accelerating process of formation of black dots. Unfortunately, to get rid of comedones once and for all it will not turn out: if black dots "have lodged" on your face, it is necessary to fight against them throughout all life. But it is possible to support skin in perfect tune, using simple national methods.

It is required to you

  • - oat flakes, grains coffee or bran;
  • - yolk, lemon or orange juice, linseed oil;
  • - honey, cottage cheese and orange juice, oil solution of vitamin E;
  • - pharmaceutical camomile or linden.


1. Wash only cool water in the mornings.

2. In the evening surely remove all cosmetics by means of light low-fat tonic.

3. Once a week do peelings to remove the died-off skin cells from face and to clean pores from fat. Coffee or bran crush oat flakes, grains in the coffee grinder. Add clear warm water to the turned-out powder, mix before formation of homogeneous dense mass. After shower apply gruel (on the steamed-out cleaned face skin) and the circular massing movements rub skin. It is necessary to work accurately, without stretching and without injuring skin. Rub zones of education black points a little more safely. Be not overzealous. The purpose is to peel all unnecessary, but not to rub gruel during time. Wash away thick warm water, and then cool the person to narrow pores (wash cool water or take well wrung out towel moistened in cold water on face). Put water-based gentle cream on face to calm skin.

4. Two times a week do masks which part vitamin C is (it will not allow the fat which has accumulated in time to be oxidized, so – will reduce intensity of distribution of black dots). Mix yolk with teaspoon of lemon or orange juice, add drop of linseed oil. Put weight on the cleaned face, leave for 10-15 minutes, wash away warm water. One more effective mask: mix honey, cottage cheese and orange juice in equal proportions, add couple of drops of oil solution of vitamin E. To apply the same as the previous mask.

5. Once a month delete comedones mechanically. Carefully wash up face with soap. Add pharmaceutical camomile or linden to water (it is possible to use any antiseptic collecting). Boil water, pour in wide ware and you hold the person over steam of 10-15 minutes. Wash up hands with soap, wipe with alcohol and accurately squeeze out all black dots. It is necessary to work carefully, you do not press too strongly - black dots have to leave easily, by the slightest pressing. Wash cool water or take the clean towel moistened in cold water on face. It is necessary to narrow pores, otherwise through them the infection can get to deep layers of skin.

6. Eat more vegetables and fruit, drink the fresh squeezed-out juice, refuse fat meat, sausages, fried food.

7. If nothing helps, address the expert - the reasons of formation of black dots sometimes are deeply in organism, and not to do without consultation of the dermatologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team