How to get rid of black dots on nose folk remedies

How to get rid of black dots on nose folk remedies

Black dots on nose (eels, comedones) are peculiar both to women, and men. They appear owing to blockage of time the emitted skin fat, to be exact its surplus. Their availability does not do skin attractive and beautiful. That to get rid of them, it is necessary to look after the person very carefully.


1. Very often blackpointsimproper feeding is the reason of emergence of . Thereof in organism slags and toxic substances collect. Try not to abuse greasy food, sweets, alcohol and coffee. For clarification of organism take apple cider vinegar. It very effectively brings slags out of organism and adjusts digestion, improving structure of skin. Every morning dissolve vinegar tablespoon in glass of water and drink on an empty stomach. But you should not use apple cider vinegar if you are not sure of its quality. Also it is contraindicated for people at whom exchange of salts of uric acid is broken, at chronic and acute hepatitises. It, as well as any other acid, corrodes mucous stomach if to accept it on an empty stomach. So it is better to get advice at the doctor.

2. Prepare curative herbs infusion. For this purpose the root of burdock, dandelion, calendula flowers, St. John's wort, wild strawberry leaves, hop, bedstraw, cinquefoil will be necessary for you. Mix of plants needs to be filled in with boiled water and to insist about five hours. Accept in warm look for hour to food on half-glass of infusion. Course of treatment about three months.

3. Make lotions and compresses, using herb infusion. For its preparation leaves of birch, peppermint, sage, flowers of yarrow, camomile pharmaceutical, calendulas, horsetail, oxeye daisy are necessary. Fill in mix of herbs with boiled water in thermos from calculation: on the 2nd tablespoons – 1.5 glasses of the boiling water. Insist about two hours, then filter and cool. Wipe skin with the cotton pad moistened in infusion and also do daily lotions.

4. Well the mask from oat flakes purifies skin. They need to be crushed previously on the meat grinder or in the coffee grinder, then to mix with warm water that dense gruel has turned out. Put mix on face and you hold minutes 15-20. Then, washing away mask, accurately mass problem zones.

5. Prepare spirit lotion on the basis of cucumber or calendula. Wipe with such means face 2-3 times a day. Cucumber lotion is done of ratio: on 2 parts of cucumber juice – 1 part of vodka. Tincture of calendula can be bought in drugstore. Mix tablespoon of tincture with glass of mineral water. In half an hour after use of lotion it is necessary to wash warm water.

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