How to get rid of black dots on skin

How to get rid of black dots on skin

The scientific name of black dots on face – comedones. They represent skin fat, fine dust and the died-off parts of skin. Generally to appearance of comedones it is subject, so-called, the T-zone – nose, forehead chin. This problem disturbs people regardless of their floor or age, but with it it is possible and it is necessary to fight and make it it is possible by means of folk remedies.


1. Proteinaceous mask. This mask possesses the great cleaning action. For its preparation it is necessary to mix one crude protein with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Put half of mask on face. If you have dry skin, then it is necessary to apply only on problem zone. After drying it is necessary to put the rest of mix and to pat intensively finger-tips and palms on skin. As a result of it, the turned-out sticky weight will extend contents of time outside. The procedure should be continued until the mask does not cease to stick to hands.

2. The cleaning means with soda. This means should not be used in the presence on skin of pimples or inflammations. Stir in equal quantities soda and salt (approximately on 0.5 teaspoons). Wash skin warm, almost hot water, apply mix on damp cotton pad, and easy, smooth movements mass skin. After the procedure it is necessary to wash cool water and to apply the moisturizing cream to skin.

3. Mask from kefir. Usual kefir is capable to dissolve skin fat, thanks to the acids which are contained in it. Just put kefir on face for 10-15 minutes. After time wash away mask cool water.

4. Grass mask. For preparation of mask mix tablespoon of seeds of flax about 0.5 tablespoons of dried flowers of camomile. Crush mix, for example in the blender, and fill in with boiled water. At you dense weight has to turn out. Let's mask half an hour infuse then apply with thick layer on problem sites of skin. In 20-25 minutes, mix should be washed away warm water.

5. Clay mask. White clay has the excellent cleaning properties. Just dissolve powder with water and put thin layer on face for 10-15 minutes then wash away cool water.

6. Steam bath. Add several drops of essential oil of tea or pink tree to the boiling water. Steam out face then you will be able independently to remove points mechanically. But it is necessary to do it carefully. Not to injure face skin – under fingers it is possible to enclose vatu.

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