How to get rid of black hair color

How to get rid of black hair color

Unsuccessful experiments happened to hair at everyone, whether it be hairstyle or coloring. To get rid of black hair color – task not from simple. Let's consider several options.


  1. Clarification. The fastest, effective, but not the safest way. Any coloring of hair makes on them negative impact. Have not invented still paint which would not change structure of hair. Because of large amount of chemical components clarifiers burn, exhaust hair. If you decide on cardinal method, surely stock up with balms, masks, conditioners for hair care. After the procedure of clarification thoroughly consider primary color of coloring.
  2. Remover. There have passed those times when the similar procedure was used only in salons and expensive hairdressing salons. In shops series of professional cosmetics, including for hair have appeared. It is very simple to use it: cream is applied on hair for 20–30 minutes then it is washed away by warm water. As a result hair are clarified. You should not forget, the remover also has negative impact on hair, perhaps to a lesser extent, than clarifiers.
  3. Coloring in 2 - 3 colors. To get rid completely from it is black colors it will not turn out, but effective highlighting or kolorirovaniye will change your appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team