How to get rid of bottom warts

How to get rid of bottom warts

Bottom warts, apparently by their name, are localized on bottom surface. Such warts consist of threadlike nipples which are surrounded with the roller from horn stratifications, they are very similar to callosity. Arise at papilloma virus, at excessive perspiration of legs, from reduced immunity, some types of flat-footedness and from constant squeezing by close footwear.

It is required to you

  • Hydrogen peroxide, salicylic ointment, garlic, juice of dandelion and celandine.


1. The first symptoms emergence of bottom warts are outgrowths on stupnyakh legs, when walking they cause severe pain and the naggers, any footwear becomes inconvenient. In essence this type of warts is considered benign tumor, at the correct treatment they disappear forever, but before treatment it is necessary to conduct histologic research.

2. Bottom warts often are superficial, small, they can try to be removed with peroxide of hydrogen or salicylic acid and also ftoruratsilovy ointment. In hard cases the consultation of the dermatologist is necessary.

3. Procedure of disposal of bottom warts gradual and in certain cases quite painful and unpleasant. At first warts skim, at the second stage scrape out its contents special surgical spoon. Except scraping, apply also electrothermic coagulation, the laser, radio waves and liquid nitrogen.

4. There is set of folk remedies which effectively cope with bottom warts. Dissolve spoon of salt and several drops of tea tree in basin of warm water. Take foot baths with this solution for the night within half an hour. Duration of treatment is ten days. Grease bottom warts several times a day with juice of dandelion or celandine. Put before going to bed on the struck places baked bulb or half of new potato. Course of treatment - two weeks. Impose on warts the crushed garlic segment few times in day about a week.

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