How to get rid of breast hair at men

How to get rid of breast hair at men

Times when breast hair at the man were considered as sign of courage, have passed. Now many men aim to depilate like women from the body. However it is often difficult to decide on look and way of epilation.

It is required to you

  • cream depilator
  • cosmetic pallet
  • wax
  • fabric strips
  • the calming body lotion


1. Cream depilators – the simplest means of removal of hair on breast at the man. It is necessary to pick up cream, proceeding from skin type: for inclined to rashes cream with camomile extract, will be suitable for sensitive – with aloe. Apply with dense layer the depilator on that area of breast where it is necessary to take away indumentum, and leave for 20-30 minutes. After that remove with the pallet cream together with hair and carefully wash skin with water. Unfortunately, this method has no long result therefore it is necessary to repeat the procedure to two times a week depending on growth of hair.

2. The epilation wax or vaksing will allow to get rid of hair for a period of 2 up to 3 weeks. Wax needs to be warmed on water bath up to the temperature of 38-42 degrees. Apply with thin layer hot wax on body and apply fabric strip from above. Wait until wax stiffens, but will not harden, otherwise nothing will turn out. Then hold with one hand skin, and another sharply tear off strip from body together with hair. The procedure of waxing is quite painful and can cause irritation. Therefore after removal of hair it is recommended to apply the calming lotion on body. If to do epilation by wax regularly, then over time hairs become thin and less noticeable.

3. The laser epilation is considered one of the most reliable ways of removal of hair on body. It is possible to undergo this procedure only in specialized salon. During similar epilation the laser influences hair bulb and roots of hair, stopping its further growth. During laser epilation there are no sharp pain, the only thing that it is possible to feel – easy pricking. After the session hairs cannot be deleted in the mechanical way, they have to drop out within week, and the result remains for 1.5-2 months, then the procedure needs to be repeated. Forever to say goodbye from 80% of vegetation for breasts it is enough to pass 5-6 sessions. However, the laser epilation will suit not all men. The laser makes powerful impact only on dark hairs, and light simply does not see therefore the percent of their removal is much lower.

4. Men with fair hair will suit photoepilation. Procedure similar in the principle to laser epilation. The part of the body which it is necessary to depilate is exposed to the light flashes destroying structure of hair. After the first procedure about 30% of hair drop out, in week the session needs to be repeated again. The slowness of removal of hair is explained by impact of flashlight only on the hair which are in growth phase. Therefore for full removal of indumentum it is required to undergo several procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team