How to get rid of bruises

How to get rid of bruises

Appearance of bruises (hematomas) is the reason the bruise of soft fabrics which has caused rupture of the blood vessels which are under skin. Hypodermic hemorrhage – the reason of puffiness, morbidity and change of color of the hurt place. In the natural way bruise disappears for several weeks. This time can be reduced considerably.


  1. LedEsli right after bruise to put ice, cold will narrow vessels, having reduced thereby hypodermic hemorrhage. Besides, ice will kill pain. It is impossible to put directly piece of ice to skin as it threatens with frostbite. Ice needs to be placed before the procedure to plastic package, and to wrap package towel in several layers. One-time applying of ice insufficiently. It is necessary to put the piece of ice wrapped by fabric to the place of bruise not less than 3-4 times. Technology is as follows: to put ice for 10-15 minutes, then to remove, wait 2 hours (at this time it is possible to use other protivosinyachny means), then again to cool bruise with ice.
  2. The BintUshiblennyy part of body can be bandaged densely elastic bandage at once after blow. This reception will allow to squeeze the burst vessels and will prevent effluence from them under skin of large amount of blood.
  3. TeploCherez day after bruise can begin to be warmed bruise. Three times a day it is necessary to put for 20 minutes to bruise hot-water bottle. It will allow hematoma to resolve quicker.
  4. Means from sinyakovsegodnya can be found in drugstore huge number of means from bruises. Creams and gels with active agents concern them: nonsense, vitamin K, heparin, to routines (vitamin P). Perfectly remove puffiness of ointment on the basis of plant arnica.

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