How to get rid of burn traces

How to get rid of burn traces

burns there are almost always dark stains or scars. However this problem can be avoided if it is correct to look after the injured part of the body. Besides, today there are many ways to get rid of old scars from burns.


  1. Right after you were injured, it is recommended to apply special skin on the place of burn. If it is absent near at hand, it is possible to use usual mint toothpaste – it will a little reduce pain and will not allow skin to crack. It is also possible to use children's oral cavity ointments on the basis of lidocaine if you have no allergy, or to put the aloe leaf cut lengthways cut to skin. You should not pour over the struck place cold water – it will only worsen your state.
  2. On fresh burn it is regularly necessary to put bandage with fat ointment not to allow skin to dry and crack. At such leaving after trauma you will not have traces if, of course, burn not too big and deep.
  3. Spots from old burns can be removed in the national ways. For example, it is necessary to wipe the injured place two-three times a day with cut of fresh potatoes. It is also possible to make potato gruel and to put to skin. Well also the aloe helps. It is possible to put the cut plant leaves, and it is possible to wring out from it juice, to wet it bandage and to make compress. In process of drying the compress should be replaced.
  4. It is also possible to use castor oil or dried peel and juice of lemon – such means have the bleaching properties. They can be added to cream and to densely smear the struck place, and it is possible to make special mask. For this purpose take butter and beeswax in the ratio two to one, warm on water bath, mix, cool a little, add dried peel and juice of lemon there and apply to skin. Oil will feed the damaged place, wax will soften it, and the lemon – will bleach.
  5. In drugstore it is possible to buy ointments for fight against traces from burns. For example, "Contractyubex", "Panthenol", Bepanten, Pantoderm, Aktovegin, "Synthomycin", Mederm and Solkoseril. The effect of their application is noticeable not at once therefore have patience and regularly use these means within two-three months.
  6. If independently it is not possible to cope with traces or scars from burns, address the dermatologist or the cosmetologist. To you will appoint necessary inspection and, perhaps, will direct to procedures - such as laser grinding, rolling or skin transplantation.

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