How to get rid of callosities and natoptyshy

How to get rid of callosities and natoptyshy

The inconvenient, incorrectly picked up, worn out or new footwear causes the most part of callosities and natoptyshy which give to legs not well-groomed look and bring unpleasant painful feelings. However when in their education footwear and, it is necessary to pay attention to internal state of organism which by means of callosities informs on malfunctions with health. Without having removed the cause, to treat callosities and natoptysh it is useless.

It is required to you

  • baths with addition of grass broths, salts, the softening cosmetics and also lotion and ointment. At old callosities and dense natoptysha it is good to combine foot bathtubs with lotions for the night. Choose any available means.


1. Steam out legs before going to bed and having put to callosity lemon crust with pulp, record it bandage. Repeat 3 days in a row and further, having once again steamed out legs, remove soft skin of callosity, and grind residues of leather large nail file for legs or pumice. Grease the place of callosity for the night with fat cream.

2. Steam out callosity in soap and soda bath, further impose on it pitch of any coniferous tree, record adhesive plaster and every other day repeat. The softened callosity can be deleted.

3. Grate crude potatoes and the received gruel apply to the steamed-out callosity. Put on atop cellophane package and leave for the night. Juice of potatoes possesses resolvent therefore is suitable for callosities with the injured skin.

4. Miss fresh grass of celandine via the meat grinder. Apply the received weight to natoptysh and cover with wax paper or film. Record bandage and atop put on sock. Carry out daily for the night until natoptysh disappears.

5. Wash leaf of three-year aloe. Cut its small piece lengthways and pulp apply to callosity or natoptysh then record bandage. Repeat daily before going to bed before full softening of callosity or natoptysh. This means is useful at the callosities caused by rubbing of footwear and formation of bubbles and injuries of skin. The aloe has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect.

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