How to get rid of catarrhal pimples

How to get rid of catarrhal pimples

Catarrhal call the pimples developing on skin as a result of overcooling, long stay on cold air, frost, strong wind. These inflammations of skin have dense structure, without top. Beginning with small reddening, the catarrhal pimple occupies the increasing and big space and very much disturbs the morbidity and not esthetic look.


1. How it is possible to get rid of catarrhal pimples? This problem does not give in to the fast decision. If you have tendency to catarrhal inflammations, try not to overcool. If all of you have frozen on the street, having come home, make everything quicker to be warmed. Drink cup of hot tea, take hot bath.

2. In case of emergence on face of catarrhal pimples try to process the inflamed place tea tree oil. Use this oil 2-3 times a day to dry pimple. It is also possible to cauterize these pimples salicylic and boric acid. Also pharmaceutical talkers like Tsindol can help.

3. For external fight against catarrhal pimples it is possible to use Acyclovir or Regetsin ointments. Sometimes clay or mud masks with sea minerals help. They are applied on area of inflammation for 15 minutes then wash away.

4. Catarrhal pimples are furuncles. They cannot be squeezed out at all as it is possible to infect nearby fabrics.

5. For treatment of furuncles many use Vishnevsky's ointment if, of course, does not confuse it has begun to smell. If such inflammations at you arise often, so not everything is all right with your immunity. To get rid of this trouble, it is necessary to increase the immunity. For this purpose it is possible to accept complex of vitamins, beer yeast, sulfur powder.

6. To get rid of catarrhal pimples forever, do not self-medicate. Address the immunologist. Most likely, you should make tests that the doctor has defined cause of illness and the correct treatment. Often golden staphylococcus which causes the inflammatory processes which are difficult responding to treatment is the cause of furuncles.

7. Herpes can be the cause of furuncles. Then treatment has to be directed to disposal of organism of this virus.

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