How to get rid of cellulitis in month

How to get rid of cellulitis in month

The summer is the wonderful time which is followed by rest on the Russian and foreign beaches. At this particular time so there is a wish to have the beautiful figure attracting to itself views of vacationers. However most of women hesitate of the body because of cellulitis. To cease to do it and to put on favourite bathing suit in the popular resort, it is necessary to take care of the figure beforehand.


1. Develop the power supply circuit: eat gradually and several times a day, do not overeat and have not supper after 7 o'clock in the evening. As for directly food, try to exclude from diet the products containing sugar and preservatives and also flour products, fast food and carbonated drinks. You should not forget that alcohol is also harmful to organism therefore it is worth refusing it. Thus, it is necessary to be recustomized completely on intake of healthy food and to use as much as possible useful fruit, green vegetables, berries and lettuce leaves.

2. To help the organism get rid of extra kilos also physical activities can. The complex of special exercises developed by the fitness instructor and regular visit of the gym, at least two times a week will help not only to change figure, but also will lighten the mood. If there is no constant opportunity to play sports in the fitness center, replace trainings with run in the mornings or sports walking.

3. One more effective way in fight against cellulitis is massage. Such massage and various procedures directed to disposal of cellulitis offers set of beauty shops today. Special massage allows to activate all exchange processes that in turn influences weight reduction and disposal of stagnant liquid in organism. If opportunity to use services of professional massage therapists is absent, be engaged in self-massage of problem zones, using for this purpose special brush and cosmetics. The funds allocated for disposal of cellulitis there is huge set today, it is possible to get them in drugstores or in shops of perfumery and cosmetics. Healthy food, physical activities, massage of problem zones of body — all these methods will help to correct relief of figure and to achieve the expected results in month. It will be necessary only to plan holiday and to put on favourite bathing suit on the most beautiful beach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team