How to get rid of deep wrinkles

How to get rid of deep wrinkles

Deep wrinkles are annoying sign of aging of skin. They represent the undesirable folds which are formed on face, neck, hands and other parts of body. The modern medicine develops the latest technologies for removal and prevention of wrinkles, but it is possible to get rid of them also in the natural way.


1. House means are extremely useful to skin, just they also help to struggle with deep wrinkles effectively. The technique of treatment is very simple and a lot of time will not request.

2. So, effective vitamin E which not only prevents skin aging is on the first place, but also eliminates chronic wrinkles. It is necessary to apply a little oil solution of this vitamin on wrinkles before going to bed. The result will not keep long itself waiting!

3. Olive oil does skin smooth, feeds it, humidifies and cleans. Not for nothing current cosmetologists use this oil for creation of creams and masks. Everyday application of olive oil changes to the best type of skin, saving it from unattractive wrinkles.

4. In ancient Egypt aloe juice belief enjoyed special popularity. It diverse damages of skin treated. This plant is called immortality plant to this day. aloe the belief is wonderful healer for our skin. Juice perfectly smoothes even the deepest wrinkles. It is necessary to apply plant juice to skin, it is instantly absorbed, without leaving fat marks.

5. The camomile is most useful flower which it is careful to care for face skin. Camomile infusion still our grandmothers gave to the skin healthy and well-groomed look. To prepare still very easily: to mix one spoon of flowers with couple of glasses of water and to boil ten minutes. In this broth to moisten clean towel and to put such compress on the person. After the procedure it is necessary to wash water and to smear face skin with nutritious cream.

6. Vodka infusion with lemon perfectly will be suitable for treatment of deep wrinkles. On one glass of vodka one large lemon is required. It is necessary to insist not less than ten days. For smoothing of wrinkles, moisten cotton pad in infusion and apply for ten minutes on the place affected with wrinkles. At application of this means, skin smoothes out, and pores are also narrowed.

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