How to get rid of dry skin

How to get rid of dry skin

All women dream of healthy and beautiful face skin. But the nature has presented not all with skin which would not cause problems. Sebaceous glands work for everyone differently if they work badly, then it not in state to accumulate necessary moisture and loses protection against the environment.

1. Blood circulation is broken, and the upper layer of epidermis ceases to look healthy and elastic, protective layers weaken, but this process can be stopped. For a start it is necessary to develop diet and day regimen. As the appearance of skin depends on condition of organism. The dream has to last not less than eight hours. Because in dream recovery processes best of all proceed, and skin cells are updated quicker.

2. It is impossible to use soap as dry skin strongly lacks fat. In the mornings it is better to wash cool water, and to purify skin with milk in the evening. Cream are selected individually. For dry skin it is the best of all to choose restoring and vitaminizing cream. They promote cell renewal and help to stimulate metabolism, at the same time skin becomes elastic. After clarification the vitaminizing cream is put on face and rubbed by gentle movements in skin. Use nutritious day creams. Do not refuse night cream at all.

3. Necessary condition at dry skin care, undoubtedly, is application of the natural and vitaminized masks moisturizing the skin. For example, the mask from cabbage is very popular. It is useful to wipe the dry, dehydrated skin with olive oil, then to make hot damp soda compress, and then to put for ten minutes mask from gruel of white cabbage. Mask from strawberry. Pound berries and pound with one tablespoon of cream or vegetable oil. Grease with this gruel face skin and necks. As soon as the first layer begins to dry, put the second. Then also the third layer of berries. Wash away mask cool water.

4. Each woman can make skin beautiful and healthy. The main thing is your desire. It is necessary to find at least half an hour in day on itself, and you will see result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team