How to get rid of dryness of elbows

How to get rid of dryness of elbows

Dry skin of elbows does not cause the owner particular problems, but looks unattractively, especially in the flying when it is impossible to disguise this shortcoming long sleeves. Over time on the coarsened sites there can be painful and deep cracks reminding of themselves at the awkward movement. Present to the elbows tenderness and softness by means of easy ways.

It is required to you

  • - coltsfoot, linden, camomile or calendula;
  • - olive oil;
  • - kefir, citrus juice or broth of rice;
  • - small salt;
  • - cream;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon juice.


1. People who already faced in the life similar problem, know firsthand that it is possible to get rid of the keratosic type of skin by means of usual pumice. But this way is in the shortest way to emergence of cracks. Therefore it is necessary to approach solution in a complex, remembering that mechanical ways of removal of the keratosic particles of epidermis are capable to aggravate situation only.

2. It is desirable to apply to fight against dryness of skin on means elbows on vegetable basis, the comprising necessary complex of microelements. It is possible that the roughness of skin is caused by shortage in organism of vitamins C and And. Therefore at the initial stage it is necessary to use baths from grass broths. For this purpose perfectly coltsfoot, linden flowers, camomile, nettle and calendula will approach. Fill in four tablespoons of one of the listed herbs with two liters of water, put on fire and bring to boiling. Then filter broth and divide into two parts. Lower elbows, liquid has to cover problem sites. Steaming time – twenty minutes.

3. After the end of procedure blot elbows with soft towel. Heat on water bath of a little olive oil (temperature of oil should not exceed 40 wasps), rub it with circular motions in the steamed-out skin of elbows. The course of recovery of softness and elasticity of skin on elbows makes not less than ten days.

4. Folk remedies for disposal of dryness of elbows suggest to use kefir, cabbage or grapefruit juice, sour cream or broth of rice. Moisten cosmetic disks in one of the transferred funds, apply to dry elbows for fifteen minutes, record bandage. It is possible to put to the coarsened lemon segment skin. It is not recommended to use citrus juice in the presence of cracks on elbows and scratches.

5. Prepare the moistening and nutritious mask which will allow to get rid of rough skin on elbows in house conditions. Take one teaspoon of small salt and mix with the same amount of cream of high fat content (it is possible to replace with sour cream). Add on one teaspoon of peroxide of hydrogen and svezheotzhaty lemon juice. Properly mix all components of mask, apply to the steamed-out and peeled skin of elbows. Wrap food wrap and leave for thirty minutes. Then wash up elbows, wipe dry and grease with nutritious cream. It is recommended to use such mask every other day. Shortly your elbows will become soft and gentle again.

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