How to get rid of dryness of skin quickly and effectively

How to get rid of dryness of skin quickly and effectively

Many of us face that skin periodically becomes dry. At most of people the unpleasant symptoms pass quickly, without leaving mark, and someone should come back to this problem again and again. Localization of dryness different - head skin, faces, hands, feet, stomach. It is logical that in such situation the question arises how to get rid of dryness of skin quickly and effectively.

Why skin becomes dry

The reasons different and it is necessary to solve problem, making a start from them. Let's consider the most frequent factors provoking dryness of skin and its hypersensibility.

1) Insufficient amount of water.

Water is necessary for all living organisms. If it is not enough, various pathologies develop. The dryness of skin becomes the first signal to which it is necessary to draw close attention. It is very simple to fix problem – it is necessary to begin to watch amount of the drunk water (usual or mineral without gas). Without tea, coffee, compotes, fruit drinks, juice and soups the organism for normal work daily needs 2-2.5 l of water (if there are hypostases and problems with kidneys - consult to the doctor, perhaps, you should not drink a lot of water!).

2) Shortage of vitamins.

Many people in the period of avitaminosis (as a rule, in the spring), notice that skin becomes dry. It is not occasion to puzzle how to struggle with dryness of skin of body in house conditions. The good vitamin and mineral complex will solve the arisen problem. Usually rather universal medicine for adults. If except dryness of skin you have noticed unsatisfactory condition of hair and fragility of nails, special emphasis needs to be put on the medicines containing iron. Besides, today many laboratories do the developed blood test showing what vitamin is not enough.

3) Cold or heat.

Very often dry skin – reaction to frost, heat, wind. In such situation it is necessary to pay special attention to moistening of skin in house conditions. The cosmetics selected and depending on skin type, and taking into account age will become lifesaver. Creams, milk, lotions, oils will be more effective if before their drawing periodically to purify skin, deleting the horny and coarsened parts by means of srubs, peelings, masks of house preparation.

4) Diseases.

In some situations the dryness of skin is disease symptom: hypothyroidism, sarkoidoz, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, liver diseases – the list impressive. Surely undergo full medical examination after which the doctor not only will appoint treatment, but also will share secrets how to struggle with dryness of skin of body in house conditions.

Be most attentive to organism, listen to it, undertake necessary preventive measures then with health there will be no problems, and skin will be humidified, elastic and beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team