How to get rid of eels and black dots

How to get rid of eels and black dots

The problem of appearance of pimples and eels can appear at each person. Most often it arises at teenagers. And it is not important what skin at you. There are many ways which will help you to get rid of this problem.


1. It is possible to get rid of eels and pimples and without the aid of modern cosmetics. You can be helped also by usual national means. The first way is very simple in application. For this purpose just wash the water which is slightly acidified by juice of lemon or several drops of apple cider vinegar. This solution will clean your face skin and will feed it and also to protect from environmental impact. Besides wipe face with ice cube from the frozen broth of herbs for what you can use camomile.

2. Once a week do steam baths. At your skin time will reveal and peculiar "traffic jams" will be removed. Thanks to this procedure, eels will leave and your skin will be purified. To make such bath, warm water in any capacity and add a little baking soda. Cover the head with terry towel and bend over capacity. Postoyte so about a quarter of hour, and then wash warm water with soap. Also rinse face cold water which will narrow your pores. After the end of procedure carefully wipe face with towel, and for the night wipe skin with solution of salicylic acid (1%).

3. Do not forget to process every day leather by means of soft soap. It will soften problem sites, will degrease and will not allow sebaceous glands to be corked again. To get rid of eels as soon as possible, perform this procedure several times a day. And carefully rinse skin. Useful to you can be soft sponge or brush with soft bristle. They will promote clarification of problem sites of face skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team