How to get rid of electrization of hair

How to get rid of electrization of hair

The electrified hair are the real problem: they scatter in different directions, stick to clothes therefore it is simply impossible to lay them in hairstyle. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved: the correct hair care – the key to success.

It is necessary to pay attention to quality of the cosmetics used at hair care. The shampoo chosen by you has to not only correspond to type of hair, but also comprise the natural restoring components and possess antistatic action. Use of the conditioner and balm is obligatory: these means perfectly moisturize and feed head skin and hair, preventing dryness – basic reason of emergence of static charge.

It is necessary to wash the head with warm soft water. Hard hot water is unacceptable: it will only aggravate situation. Recommend to rinse head of hear after washing with cool water or the cooled grass broth (camomile, urticaceous or others).

Choosing clothes, it is necessary to give preference of that which is sewed from natural fabrics: natural material interferes with magnetization of hair. If you carry synthetic things, use special antistatic.

After washing of the head the hair need to be blotted slightly with terry towel and to give them the chance to dry in the natural way. Use of the hair dryer needs to be minimized.

The choice of hairbrush should pay special attention too. It is better to refuse plastic and metal hairbrushes, having given preference wooden or ebonite. Before combing of hair it is possible to apply several drops of rose or lavender aromatic attar on hairbrush: these essential oils have good antistatic effect therefore will help to get rid of electrization of hair quickly. The folk remedies checked by time will help to cope with problem of magnetization of hair. One of them – vitamin mask with antistatic effect. The following components will be necessary for its preparation: - ½ fruits of mango; - 1 tablespoons of kefir; - chicken yolk. Mangoes crush in gruel, then enrich this pastelike weight with fermented milk product and slightly shaken up yolk. The medical structure is applied on the washed-up and slightly dried hair, cover from above the head with cellophane package and warmed mohair scarf. Wash away antistatic mask warm water then hair rinse with the cooled camomile broth.

The healthy nutrition will help to get rid of electrization of hair: it is necessary to enrich the diet with fresh vegetables and fruit including avocado. Besides, in day it is necessary to drink not less than 2 l of liquid.

To prevent electrization of hair and the honey mask made according to the following recipe for which it is necessary to take can allocate head of hear with nutrients: - chicken yolk; - 1 tsps of olive oil; - 1 tsps of oil from wheat sprouts; - 1 tablespoons of honey. Curative mix is applied on dry clean hair, put on rubber hat the head and warmed mohair scarf. Half an hour-hour later mask wash away warm water (without shampoo). Then hair rinse with the cool acidified water (on 1 waters add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar). For strengthening of effect the medical masks should be combined with reception of vitamin complex as a part of which there are zinc and biotin: these elements make salutary impact on condition of head of hear.

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