How to get rid of female short moustaches

How to get rid of female short moustaches

Vegetation on the face of men never horrified women. But the situation is absolutely differently if suddenly small short moustaches appear on lovely and gentle female face. As the reasons of growth of such hairs both the genetic predisposition, and emergence of cystous formations can serve in ovaries, and violation of work of endocrine system. How to take away these inappropriate mustache from face?


  1. Pull out hairs tweezers. In this way still our grandmothers used. It is very painful, but the procedure can be softened a little if before removal of short moustaches it is strong to steam out skin. After skin it is necessary to wipe with spirit lotion.
  2. Remove short moustaches by means of the trimmer for the person. It is the special cosmetic device equipped with very thin and fine edge by means of which it is possible to shave off hair without serious consequences. One shortcoming - volosik after the similar procedure become more rough and more rigid each time.
  3. Make epilation wax. This method is not ideal because together with volosika also parts of our skin are removed that often can cause rather strong irritation on woman's face.
  4. Carry out photoepilation. The most painless and effective method which is carried out by means of the laser. This procedure allows not only to delete hated volosik, but also to damage their cloves. After 6-7 procedures the final result is achieved.
  5. Make depilation threads. It is carried out by means of the special roller made of cotton threads. During this procedure the hair are reeled up on roller and pulled out.
  6. Remove short moustaches by means of electrolysis. Are destroyed by Volosiki by means of needle through which current of low frequency is passed. Removal of hair happens in cosmetology office and demands from 15 to 30 visits.
  7. Remove short moustaches by means of cream. Today in shops the huge range of various creams for epilation is offered. This method is absolutely painless, but it will not be possible to get rid forever of short moustaches, unfortunately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team