How to get rid of flush

How to get rid of flush

Sometimes capillary vessels so close approach skin that the feeling of constant flush is created. Such phenomenon is called couperosis. There is nothing terrible in it. Nevertheless, young people try to get rid of what is considered cosmetic defect. How it is possible to reduce redness of cheeks?


1. First of all, consider that inflow of blood to face skin is caused by sharp change of temperature. Therefore try to avoid overcooling and effect of hot steam. Do not visit saunas, you are not long at the computer or at heating devices.

2. Exclude spicy food from diet. It is also capable to cause expansion of vessels and to give to your face red color. And, on the contrary, try to use products which are vitamin-rich C, P, K. It is citrus, sauerkraut, green tea, color and Brussels sprout, cherry, blackcurrant.

3. Do not indulge yourself intake of alcoholic beverages and get rid of smoking. Reduce consumption of black tea and strong coffee.

4. Visit the cosmetologist. By means of special procedures, he will be able to achieve strengthening of elasticity of walls of vessels and by that will lower problem.

5. In winter time protect skin by means of means which contain aromatic oils in structure. Especially well strengthen vessels rosemary, the Japanese mint and lemon grass. Consider that it is undesirable to you to use the means containing honey.

6. Try to use the recipes offered by traditional medicine. Make 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical camomile in half of boiled water liter. Add couple of tablets of askarutin to broth. Use during morning and evening washings.

7. Pharmaceutical make 2 tablespoons of camomile in glass of the boiling water and put to problem places as compresses for 20 minutes.

8. Take teaspoon of vegetable oil, it is better olive, and mix with small amount of talc and lanolin. Put mask on face and you hold about a quarter of hour. Wash away camomile broth.

9. Crush a few fresh berries of cowberry or sea-buckthorn, or raspberry. Add to them teaspoon of potato starch. Well mix and put on face on quarter of hour. Consider that the similar mask can render irritant action on face skin. Therefore take previously samples.

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