How to get rid of garlic smell in mouth

How to get rid of garlic smell in mouth

At all huge amount of useful properties of garlic, its advantage for prevention of viral diseases and maintenance of health, garlic has quite pungent and persistent smell. It is pleasant to some, but most of people this smell confuses, and it is tried to be killed some other means. How effectively to get rid of garlic smell?

It is required to you

  • lemon juice, soda, chewing gum, lollipops, parsley, carnation/cardamom infusion, menthol, toothpaste, tooth thread, conditioner for teeth


  1. If you cut garlic in the culinary purposes during cooking, and cannot get rid of the smell which has eaten in hands wipe them with fresh lemon juice or soda. The smell will disappear at once after the procedure. Also hands can be wiped with salt.
  2. For disposal of smell from mouth which keeps long enough and brings him to the owner a lot of discomfort in communication with other people some people use mint chewing gum or the refreshing lollipops, but these means do not remove smell but only block it. In fact you can be helped by natural herbs and natural means which are in each house.
  3. Chew fresh branch of parsley. It will allow to get rid of smell. Besides, you can rinse several times mouth infusion of carnation or cardamom. If you have natural menthol — make with it strong black tea and drink.
  4. Irrespective of whether these methods help, do not forget to brush teeth and to carry out constant procedures for hygiene of oral cavity. Careful toothbrushing by brush and tooth thread and also cleaning of language and use of special rinsing can save you from the most part of smell. To be fully equipped not only at home, but also on a visit, at work and at restaurant, you carry with yourself tooth thread and small bottle with rinsing — they do not take a lot of place and are capable to return you fresh breath as soon as possible and to save from unpleasant smells including from garlic smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team