How to get rid of goose pads under eyes

Goose pads under eyes deliver to women of trouble, with wrinkles the woman looks is much more senior. Skin around eyes thin, there are practically no sebaceous glands, elastinovy and collagenic fibers. And at the expense of mimicry this area is exposed to mechanical deformations quicker. Begin fight against goose pads by means of the checked ways.

It is required to you

  • - mashed potatoes;
  • - boiled haricot;
  • - olive oil;
  • - heavy cream;
  • - spinach;
  • - skin cream around eyes;
  • - vitamin A;
  • - cosmetic disks;
  • - milk;
  • - parsley;
  • - sour cream;
  • - mineral water.


1. The nutritious mask for skin around eyes perfectly tightens epidermis, reduces wrinkles. For its preparation mix on one teaspoon of warm mashed potatoes, the pounded boiled haricot, olive oil and heavy cream. Carefully mix ingredients and thicken by means of wheat flour. As a result creamy weight has to turn out. Apply the prepared mask to skin around eyes and leave for fifteen minutes. Then wash away cool mineral water. It is possible to put nutritious mask on face, decollete and neck also. It is recommended to use mask for skin around eyes every three days.

2. Spinach is natural natural antioxidant, it also will help you to smooth the appeared wrinkles around eyes. Take two-three of leaves of spinach and miss it via the meat grinder or crush in the blender. Wring out juice from gruel. Mix spinach juice teaspoon with the same amount of soft cream for skin around eyes, add 10 milliliters of vitamin A in oil look. Impose mask on area under eyes for half an hour. Then remove its remains by means of the cosmetic disk moistened in cold milk.

3. For fast and effective removal of goose pads under eyes it is possible to ask for the help the experienced cosmetologist. The course of the saloon looking after procedures including appliques with hyaluronic acid, masks from wrinkles, massages with the moistening effect – all this perfectly restores and smoothes face skin, removes hypostases. It is possible to use the procedure of biorevitalization which represents dot injections hyaluronic acid.

4. The mask from parsley will help to smooth skin around eyes, will remove puffiness. Take a little greens of parsley and crush it to condition of gruel. Mix teaspoon of the pounded greens of parsley with two teaspoons of sour cream or cream. Impose the received mix on skin around eyes and leave for half an hour, after time wash cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team