How to get rid of growth of hair

How to get rid of growth of hair

has come the summer, and people began to visit beaches. And, for certain, all girls want to look good in open bathing suits. In this regard there is question which is especially relevant in the flying: how to get rid of hair and to slow down their growth?


  1. Today there is mass of ways to solve this problem in house conditions. The most known receptions are to use the razor, wax or hair removal cream. Despite availability of these ways, they have many minuses. For example after shaving the hair become much more rough, after shaving often there is irritation. Removal of hair by means of wax strips very painful procedure, and use of hair removal cream is not always effective and can cause allergy. Bad point is also what soon after application of any of these three ways the hair grow again, often even even more intensively.
  2. Many beauty shops provide such services today as laser, photo and electroepilation. Besides the price lack of the two first ways is also that they not in all cases are effective. For example, by means of laser and photoepilations it is possible to remove only dark hairs, and the device will not be able simply to "notice" and remove the others.
  3. Minus of electroepilation is its injury. The principle of this method is that by means of thin needle on hair the small category of electric current is missed. On the processed place the microburn is formed and the hair bulb dies off. The effect of this procedure becomes noticeable far not at once – on the place of burns there are red dots which pass for few weeks.
  4. Ways of removal of hair on body exists really much today. Each of them has pluses and minuses. Therefore if you have decided to get rid of this problem for a while or once and for all, it is worth thinking and choosing the method which is the most suitable for you well.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team