How to get rid of hem from burn

How to get rid of hem from burn

After deep (ІІ-ІІІ degree) thermal or chemical burns on skin often has hems. Postburn scars deliver great deal of trouble to the owners: they can be injured by clothes, and especially strongly disturb when are located near joints – in this case they can even complicate the movements of extremities. Several options of formation of postburn hems are possible. Depending on their versions and also from that how long ago they have appeared, and any given way of disposal of them is recommended.

  • - ointment contractubex;
  • - hitozanovy gel;
  • - wheat germ oil;
  • - silicone plaster of cica-care.

1. The most favorable outcome of burns – formation of the so-called normotrofichesky hems located level with skin. They are usually almost imperceptible and differ from the surface surrounding them only on color. Try to get rid of them by peeling with fruit acids – this procedure, perhaps, it is necessary to repeat several times.

2. Fresh small postburn hems, especially at children, try to make less noticeable, rubbing in them ointment contractubex, hitozanovy gel or wheat germ oil.

3. Above the transferred funds can be used also for disposal of deeper, atrophic hems which are located lower than the level of skin. However them will be insufficiently as formation of these hems is connected with defect of connecting fabric under them. In this case try chemical peeling of various degree – from superficial to deep, depending on condition of hem. For the choice of its version consult to the cosmetologist. Also laser correction as the laser stimulates production of collagen will be effective.

4. Helps to prevent emergence owing to burns of huge, bright hypertrophic hems much special silicone plaster of cica-care. Almost in 90% of cases it softens and decolours postburn scars, doing them almost imperceptible. Before its application it is necessary to consult to the doctor. This plaster only on fresh scars is effective.

5. Formation of so-called keloid hems is the most unpleasant external consequence of burns. They act over the surface of skin, itch and ulcerate, tend to growth and overstep the bounds of the damaged surface. The reasons of their emergence are still not clear. It is considered that traumatizing or infection of wound surface can provoke growth of keloid hems. It is noticed also that they develop on hands and upper half of trunk more often. Earlier such hems treated only in the surgical way. At this way of treatment the hem is excised, over it the accurate cosmetic seam is imposed – it, anyway, is evident less. In several months, after its full healing, it is possible to try to make more imperceptible and seam, applying for this purpose the ointments described above, oils and gels. Now the laser also is used to removal of keloid hems with success. All other means against them, unfortunately, are powerless. Try to begin with laser correction – it is less traumatic. And only in case it does not help, it is worth resorting to operation.

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