How to get rid of holes on face

How to get rid of holes on face

Enlarged pores are formed at people with oily skin of the person as after pimples there are dimples. Sometimes time extends so that the surface of skin takes form of mountainous terrain with hollows and heights. It is possible to narrow pores in various ways. The main thing - regularity of procedures, but not the cost of the used means.


1. The most important for skin - clarification. Especially it concerns people with enlarged pores. Wash twice a day means which narrow pores. Or after washing by usual soap rinse face with water with lemon juice (1 h spoon on 500 ml of water). After clarification wipe face with lotion with salicylic acid.

2. Do mask of clay. Add to clay of a little essential oil and you apply this means to skin for 10-15 minutes. Oil will approach any, but the special effect is observed when using tea tree oil. After mask rinse face with water with lemon juice and apply the moisturizing (not nutritious) cream.

3. Well also the following means helps to narrow pores. Mix honey and ground cinnamon in equal parts, put the received weight on face and leave to influence for 7-10 minutes. Carefully wash out skin, and for strengthening of effect you can make mask of fresh cucumbers.

4. If time at you is rather strongly expanded, buy cream for treatment of colloid hems in any drugstore. You put it daily before going to bed. Gradually pores will begin to be narrowed, skin to be leveled, and the complexion to improve. But at the same time do not forget also about other cleaning procedures.

5. Use regularly srubs for clarification of time. You apply means to the moist cleaned skin and carefully mass. Also you can replace use of srub with microdermabrasion. Means for microdermabrasion contains acid and special form abrasive parts. But it is possible to do this procedure only when the sun inactively (in the winter and in the early spring), differently pigmental spots can be formed.

6. When nothing helps, and you just dream of equal skin, visit cosmetology office. The expert will examine the general condition of skin and will choose optimum suitable option of grinding - it is the most effective and fast way to achieve desirable result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team