How to get rid of hypostasis on face

How to get rid of hypostasis on face

There is a lot of reasons for which there can be face edemas. It and diseases of internals, wrong mode and food allowance and also allergic reactions. At such phenomenon accept several advice which will help to make quickly toilet for record.

  • - ice pieces from sage broth
  • - grass broths from cowberry leaf or bearberry
  • - crude potatoes

1. Do not drink a lot of liquid before going to bed, last time it is possible to make it in 3 hours prior to dream. Reduce the salt use, it promotes delay of excessive moisture in body tissues.

2. Wipe face skin with the ice cube wrapped in napkin. If hypostases develop regularly, for freezing of cubes of ice use broth sage. For achievement of the fastest effect alternate ice to washing of the person warm water.

3. Help your skin to get rid quicker of hypostasis on area have to be easy and careful, from internal corner to external, on upper and lower centuries. It is necessary to finish the procedure with nazhimaniye of fingers on eyelids of the closed eyes, also around, and fingers need to be taken away sharply.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team