How to get rid of irritation on face

How to get rid of irritation on face

If you rather often suffer from irritations on face, then, most likely, you have sensitive skin. Of course, whimsical skin care demands kompleksky approach, it has to be carefully thought over and delicate. So, how to get rid of irritation on face?


1. For a start you should find out the cause of allergy, having got a grasp of structure of the used means. Alcohol, salicylic acid and also some fruit extracts and fragrances can be the cause of reddening and irritation of skin. To avoid unpredictable reaction of skin to some means, you should give preference to neutral structures without dyes and fragrances however having the calming and moistening properties. Children's cream perfectly copes with peeling and redness, it can be applied to any type of skin, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy luster. For fat, but inclined to irritations skin can pick up cream with prevailing moistening, but not nutritious properties and extracts of natural herbs - celandine or camomile, for example.

2. You precisely should not wash soap, even children's or the softest. Exceptions make special gels and skins with hypoallergenic structure and the neutral ph level. Any other soap is capable to weaken sensitive skin the alkali which is contained in it and to destroy its protective layer, as leads to unpleasant reddenings or irritation. So, first of all purify skin with neutral gel or skin. You can quite use also soft cream or milk without dyes and fragrances which contain extracts of rose or camomile.

3. Now time to wash infusion of herbs has come is rather fast and effective remedy as herbs besides that remove reddenings, they as well restore balance of skin and its protective properties. What herbs are good for the sensitive skin inclined to peeling and reddenings? First, such skin is perfectly affected by camomile. It is the real panacea for many skin problems! The camomile contains the unique disinfecting and restoring substances, it restores protective layer of skin and perfectly struggles with redness, it disappears literally in a few minutes. It is also possible to wash broth of parsley is the wonderful bleaching substance calming skin. The train is suitable for those whose skin is overdried or inflamed.

4. It is also possible to do the calming masks - for example, of low-fat cottage cheese or cream. Also skin avocado perfectly calms, just take very ripe fruit, properly knead fruit and put it on face. Wash away in about 10 minutes warm water, your skin is softened and calmed! Some oils - apricot or peach, for example, as well as possible cope with the angry and dried-up skin.

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