How to get rid of irritation standing

How to get rid of irritation standing

The irritation standing appears as a result of traumatizing skin at depilation or epilation. It is almost impossible to get rid of it, especially if you have gentle skin. But it is possible to minimize somehow consequences after removal of undesirable vegetation.

1. If you shave legs with the machine, then surely use only fine edge. Otherwise there will be irritation on skin. Do not forget and put skin for shaving, in its structure there are antibacterial components. Do not replace skin with soap, otherwise will be not to avoid redness.

2. Never overdo standing and special hair removal cream. It injures skin too, as causes reddenings. Always wash away it slightly earlier, than the necessary amount of time (3-7 minutes), especially has expired if you have sensitive skin.

3. After removal of undesirable vegetation in all cases you apply the special moisturizing cream after shaving even if you used wax strips or epilator. Special components which not only kill microbes are part of cream, but also promote healing of microcracks on skin and also feed it and do soft.

4. If the irritation has already appeared, then part spirit tincture of calendula with water (50/50). Wipe with the received leg lotion several times a day. The calendula very quickly removes reddenings and promotes skin healing. You carry out processing of legs by lotion until the irritation does not pass.

5. Delete hairs only from pure leather – it will help to avoid reddening. Before the procedure carefully wash skin with soap or process srub if at you filaments sometimes grow. Wipe sensitive skin before depilation with alcohol-containing lotion, and already then you apply shaving cream.

6. Following these simple rules, you will forget that the irritation disturbed you. If reddening of skin and continues to appear, think of epilation in beauty shop. The master will remove undesirable hairs and will process leather special lotion. Sometimes quite so it is possible to solve problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team