How to get rid of just appeared extensions

How to get rid of just appeared extensions

Besides cellulitis on skin there can be also extensions which look even more frighteningly. It results from fast set of body weight or during hormonal failure, for example, during pregnancy or at teenage age. It is possible to get rid of extensions in house conditions therefore it is not necessary to run at once after their emergence in beauty shop.

1. Begin with healthy nutrition and reception of vitamin complexes. At weight loss of extension become less noticeable. It is not necessary to exhaust itself hunger, just eat less high-calorie products, more vegetable food is desirable.

2. Make ointment from extensions. Dissolve mummy tablet in pure small amount and mix with any milk for body. Rub the received structure to problem sites of skin for one month – usually this time is enough to get rid of extensions. You store cream from mummy in the fridge.

3. Mix 100 g of salt, 100 g of sugar and 100 g of olive oil. Add several drops of essential oil of lemon and carefully mix. You apply the prepared srub to skin massage movements within 5 minutes. After holding procedure well wash away residues of mix warm water and gel, then put milk for body from mummy. Process leather 1-2 times a week.

4. Buy peeling for body which contains fruit acids and abrasive parts. You apply means on bast which has anti-cellulite effect, and carefully mass skin. It will provoke epithelial layer to updating as a result of which extensions either will disappear, or will become less noticeable.

5. Take dried peel of one lemon and add it to 150 ml of low-fat yogurt. Rub in skin in the evening and leave for 30-60 minutes then wash away everything warm water and apply cream.

6. If you want to mix-mix nothing, then buy the line of means which is developed especially for fight against extensions. Use it regularly. Gradually you will notice positive result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team