How to get rid of mustache if you are girl

How to get rid of mustache if you are girl

Availability on face of undesirable vegetation is capable to cause to girls considerable discomfort. Today it is developed several techniques allowing to solve considerably this problem - from modern highly effective photoepilation to method of our grandmothers - tweezers and mirror.

It is required to you

  • Wax or sugar strips, tweezers, mirror, photoepilation device, electroepilation device


  1. Electroepilation – one of the most reliable ways of disposal of excess vegetation on face. Hair follicles are processed by means of special needle which gets to root of each hair and transfers to it weak electric current. The procedure is carried out in beauty shop by the experienced cosmetologist. Removal of hair from upper lip can borrow in joint account till 10 o'clock. Similar removal of vegetation from chin borrows till 15 o'clock. The cost of one procedure varies from 25 to 100 euros. Cost depends on the size of the processed area.
  2. Photoepilation (removal of hair in the person the laser) – not only one of the most reliable and painless, but also the fastest way of long-term removal of hair in the person. Removal of short moustaches will take about a minute. At this method influence follicles of hair short beams of light that provokes the termination of growth of hair. For one session about 1000 hairs are removed. For full removal of mustache from three to seven sessions depending on profuseness of vegetation can be required by the girl. The cost of one procedure can reach $500.
  3. Depilation by sugar – removal of hair in problem zones by means of special sugar strips. The similar method can be used in house conditions and on condition of regular repetition yields the result comparable with removal of hair in beauty shop. The strip is imposed on problem zone and densely nestles. Then the sugar strip breaks one fast movement together with the stuck hairs. Similar to depilation by means of sugar strips the depilation is made by wax. Undoubted plus is the low cost of the procedure and also possibility of disposal of mustache and other unnecessary vegetation in house conditions. The smoothness of skin remains within three-six weeks.
  4. Plucking out. At the insignificant number of hairs use the way checked for centuries – pull out hairs by means of tweezers. Previously skin needs to be steamed out and cleaned therefore it is desirable to pull out mustache after bathtub or shower. Slightly stretch skin, densely clamp hair tweezers and the sharp movement pull out it in the direction of growth. After the procedure apply the calming balm to skin.
  5. Chemical depilation. This method is one of the cheapest and simple, however it is necessary to carry out removal of vegetation on face by means of chemical depilators extremely carefully as these means contain the substances capable to cause strong irritation.
  6. Decolorization. Short moustaches and other undesirable vegetation on face can be decoloured usual peroxide of hydrogen. Thanks to it hairs become almost imperceptible and cease to bring cosmetic discomfort. In addition regular decolorization results in fragility of hairs and their subsequent oblamyvaniye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team