How to get rid of old extensions

How to get rid of old extensions

Extensions (or striya) arise when skin loses the elasticity, becomes thinner and torn. At first in zone of gaps vessels are noticeable therefore fresh extensions have crimson-violet color. Later half a year they begin to be narrowed and turn pale, and on the place of gaps dense connecting fabric – hems is formed. To get rid of such striya rather difficult. Than they are more senior and are deeper, time for their treatment it is longer required to those.


1. For removal of extensions address to beauty shop. The cosmetology and medicine for this purpose offers number of procedures: microdermabrasion, mesotherapy and various peelings. The first of them represents grinding of skin as a result of which there is its updating. Extensions gradually lose color, become thinner and soon disappear at all.

2. Try chemical peeling. It is carried out by means of median trichloroacetic or phenyl acids which delete upper scales of skin and stimulate production of collagen – natural reducer of fabrics. The glycolic peeling or with fruit acids is applied to breast.

3. Daily do massage of problem parts of the body. For this purpose buy natural vegetable and essential oils. Their molecules are capable to get into deep skin layers. Getting to blood and lymphatic system, they activate blood circulation, enrich cages with nutrients and intensively moisturize the skin. Massage with oils promotes natural peeling of the upper layer of the skin, without damaging it at the same time therefore own mechanisms of cell fission turn on.

4. Combine massage with algal wrappings. During the procedure the special structure which cornerstone natural seaweed are is applied to skin. Then the body is wrapped in thermoblanket for 30-50 minutes. Under the influence of temperature, useful substances are quicker absorbed in skin, mineralize and humidify it. The tone of skin increases, and striya are reduced.

5. In fight against extensions the correct problem skin care is important. Use special cream, the containing extracts of camomile, horse chestnut, tea tree oil. Such components increase elasticity of skin, preventing possible ruptures of fibers. Vitamins A, With and E are also useful to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team