How to get rid of pallor on face

How to get rid of pallor on face

At delay of blood-groove the normal complexion disappears, and skin becomes pale and lifeless. Violation in hypodermic vessels of normal blood circulation can be connected with emotional and physical stress. At heatstroke when all body is exposed to excessive overheating, there can also be outflow of blood from skin. In the absence of physical activity, after transferring of any disease, at lack of iron of organism the face skin also keeps pale color.


1. Moisturize face skin by means of fruit acids. Cut kiwi circles and apply them on the person. Take 15 minutes. Then wash face warm water. You can do the same procedure with apple.

2. Medical starvation stimulates to clarification of blood and saves from pallor on face. Stimulation of the "healing" processes in organism, death of all "sick" cages, fast removal of toxins and also the final products of metabolism is the cornerstone of medical effect of starvation. At long starvation the integument completely changes. The person looks younger.

3. Green tea possesses not only wound healing property, but also tonic. He quickly removes puffiness of skin and humidifies it. Owners of sensitive skin which just does not transfer hard water from under the crane can wash infused green tea. To get rid of unhealthy pallor of face skin and also to improve complexion, wipe every morning face, after washing with ice cubes from the frozen green tea.

4. Grated carrots will perfectly smooth and will refresh your pale skin, having recovered it flush. For ugly and complexions carrot juice well will approach. Wipe face with carrot juice on 2 times a day. At the same time, if your skin has pale color, and you want to give it light and pleasant effect of suntan, then put to it the polished carrots wrapped in gauze, on 3 times a week, it is desirable, in the morning and in the evening. Also, for giving to pale skin of shade of suntan, take two tablespoons of juice of carrots and glycerin - one teaspoon. Then mix them and wipe face every day, in the morning and in the evening. Take identical amount of grated apple and grated carrots, mix and put on face even layer, for 15 minutes. This weight will well moisturize the pale and withering skin. Will give it easy flush.

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