How to get rid of pigmental spots from pimples

How to get rid of pigmental spots from pimples

Traces from pimples remain on skin not only as a result of their expression – sometimes large inflammations after opening leave noticeable spots even if to treat them in due form dermatology. It is possible to remove pigmental spots from pimples in several ways.

  • - nonsense;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - green clay;
  • - radio rosemary oil;
  • - lemon or cucumber juice, tea tree oil, garlic;
  • - medical paraffin.

1. Do mask of nonsense. The mask has the bleaching effect, use it correctly: mix nonsense of 4% with hydrogen peroxide until mix gains kashitseobrazny texture. Apply mix on sites which need to be clarified, by means of sponge or cotton pad. Wait until the structure dries up, and moisten skin with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the humidified weight in skin within five minutes. Remove mask with warm water. After the procedure on skin reddenings can appear therefore fabric should calm mask from white clay.

2. Use the clarifying properties of clay. Mix tablespoon of green clay and three drops of essential oil of rosemary, dilute mix with water a little. Stir structure to creamy state and impose on sites of skin where there were pigmental spots from pimples. Unmask in ten minutes damp cotton tampon.

3. Bleach spots. From house recipes for bleaching of pigmental spots by the most effective are skin greasing lemon or cucumber juice, tea tree oil. You apply intensive medicines only pointwise not to damage surrounding fabrics. Part apple cider vinegar with water (1:3) and wipe with the prepared solution sites with the pigmented skin twice a day.

4. Cut segment of garlic and rub spots with the cut party. Grease pigmental spots with spirit tincture of calendula. Prepare parsley broth (fresh bunches or dry grass will approach), freeze it in the freezer and wipe face with ice cubes in the mornings.

5. Do paraffin baths. Medical paraffin needs to be kindled and applied with Q-tip on pigmental spots. After drying it can be removed, and to grease skin with nutritious cream.

6. Remove deep pigmental spots in beauty shop. If house means have not helped to cope with pigmental spots after pimples, to tomozhno try highly effective saloon procedures – chemical peeling, mesotherapy, phototherapy, laser grinding of skin. Several carried-out procedures and careful respect for all features of care for skin after them will help to get rid forever of pigmental spots after pimples.

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