How to get rid of pigmental spots on face

How to get rid of pigmental spots on face

What the general between the charming scattering of golden freckles and dark brown shapeless spots spoiling the person? That and another – symptoms of hyperpegmentation. It is possible to struggle with them and it is necessary.

It is required to you

  • For prevention:
  • - lemon;
  • - parsley;
  • - water;
  • - acid milk or serum.
  • For treatment of the house:
  • It is required:
  • - the ointment for treatment of hyperpegmentation containing mercury;
  • - cucumbers;
  • - tomatoes;
  • - milk.


1. Pigmental spots it is easier for ProfilaktikaPoyavlenie to warn. For this purpose use more vitamin C (its shortcoming is often shown in the form of emergence of pigmental spots), use sun-protection cosmetics and correctly look after face skin. Washings by the turned sour milk, serum and also wiping of the person the svezheotzhaty juice of parsley mixed with lemon juice will help to keep freshness and purity of face. If you prepare ice from mineral water with juice of parsley and lemon, and will daily wipe face with such cube of ice instead of washing – that will be able to delay emergence of the first wrinkles for many years.

2. Treatment domadlya treatments of pigmental spots use the creams containing mercury. However before application it is worth carrying out the test for allergic reaction to find out whether means suits you. For this purpose apply cream on elbow bend from the inside and leave for day. In a day estimate result – any reddenings, urticaria and itch should not be. Mercury ointments have contraindications connected with toxicity of their main operating element – mercury. So, their use is forbidden to nursing mothers, pregnant women, people with diseases of kidneys. Various national methods also belong to house ways of bleaching of pigmental spots. They practiced still our great-grandmothers dreaming "to remove from face" freckles. So, for example, the mask from pulp of tomatoes with milk has the bleaching effect. Cucumber juice also perfectly clarifies skin.

3. Treatment at kosmetologamozhno to ask for the help the cosmetologist. There are several types of treatment of pigmental spots on face: - laser grinding (deep and superficial); - chemical peeling. Each procedure rather effectively saves from pigmental spots, in passing updating and rejuvenating face skin.

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