How to get rid of pigmental spots on face in house conditions

How to get rid of pigmental spots on face in house conditions

Being guided by the checked methods of professional and traditional medicine, you will be able to get rid of pigmental spots on face in house conditions. There are many means allowing to bleach skin and to cope quickly with the first signs of aging.


1. Before getting rid of pigmental spots on face in house conditions, be convinced that you have no diseases. For example, availability of pigmentation on neck and cheeks speaks about possible diseases of liver, and on forehead – about diseases of the central nervous system. Often found spots in mouth and chin are sign of problems with digestion. It is the best of all to visit previously the dermatologist and the therapist to learn the true reason of emergence of spots.

2. Begin disposal of pigmental spots with healthy nutrition. Eat more products containing vitamin C – natural clarifier of skin. For example, drink juice from citrus and use fresh fruit, accept syrup of dogrose and ascorbic acid. In 2-3 weeks you will see the first positive results.

3. The most effective remedies allowing to get rid of pigmental spots on face in house conditions are those which well clean and bleach skin, returning it natural color. The simplest and available means – camomile broth which it is necessary just to wash face twice a day. Also well the mask from polished carrots fights against pigmentation – impose it on skin and you hold within half an hour. At last, for the night it is possible to rub face the clarifying lotion from fresh milk and alcohol in proportion 3 to 1.

4. There are special means and for those who need to remove pigmental spots urgently. Try to rub in each of pigmental spots solution from two drops of sal ammoniac and peroxide of hydrogen up to their clarification. It is also possible to prepare special lotion for daily application. Crush 100 g of parsley in the enameled ware and add 500 ml of boiled water. Insist under cover within 15 minutes, then cool, add couple of drops of lemon juice and pour in glass capacity. You store in the dark place. It is possible to clarify skin such lotion all in week if to use it 3 times a day.

5. Use the professional cosmetics which is also allowing to get rid quickly of spots on face in house conditions. Here masks, tonics, peelings and concentrates belong various cream. Each brand applies special method of skin lightening. For example, Danne uses acids, wheat germ oil and soy oil; Lacrima - fruit acids; Decléor - complex of essential oils and vitamin C, Academie - cucumber and lemon extracts and alphahydroxyacids. The serum against pigmentation of Institut Esthederm containing extract of root of mulberry and grapefruit and also extracts of leaves of bearberry, licorice and silver birch is quite famous.

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